Passiflora Star of Clevedon | The Italian Collection of Maurizio Vecchia

Passiflora Star of Clevedon, information, classification, temperatures. etymology of Passiflora Star of Clevedon. Discover the Italian Passiflora Collection by Maurizio Vecchia.

Passiflora Star of Clevedon | The Italian Collection of Maurizio Vecchia


P. ‘Amethyst’ x P. caerulea ‘Constance Eliott’.
Hybrid of horticultural origin




Clevedon is the English city of North Somerset that hosts the National Collection of Passiflora: Clevedon’s Star.



P. 'Star of Clevedon' has the same parents as P. 'Star of Bristol'. In this case, however, the influence of the paternal pollen, from P. caerulea in the white cultivar 'Constance Eliott', is more pronounced, so much so that the corolla is of a beautiful pure white and the corona has inherited an intense blue colour, alternating with a lighter band.

P. 'Amethyst', meanwhile, was influential in determining the shape of the flower. Indeed, it has brought to it a unique elegance and perfection, so much so that this flower has been awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society.

The sepals (which are hooked) and petals have a narrow, elongated shape and are turned slightly backwards like those of P. 'Amethyst'; the corona has a shape similar to that of the mother, although of a different colour: these details make the flower particularly elegant.

One can certainly put this hybrid's wider diffusion than that of P. 'Star of Bristol' and P. 'Star of Kingston', produced by J. Vanderplank, down to both its particular beauty and the size of its flower, which exceeds those of both parents, reaching a diameter of about 12 cm.

Its foliage, made up of trilobate shiny, slightly leathery leaves, renders this climber even more captivating with its constantly replenished abundance of flowers, from spring through to autumn.

Solely vegetative propagation is possible.