Passiflora serratifolia | The Italian Collection of Maurizio Vecchia

Passiflora serratifolia, information, classification, temperatures. etymology of Passiflora serratifolia. Discover the Italian Passiflora Collection by Maurizio Vecchia.

Passiflora serratifolia | The Italian Collection of Maurizio Vecchia

Systematics (J. Macdougal et al., 2004)

SUBGENUS: passiflora
SUPERSECTION: passiflora
SERIES: passiflora


From eastern Mexico to Costa Rica.




P. denticulata Sessé e Mociño


Denomination due to the morphology of the foliar margin which is tight, that is, serrations similar to saw teeth.



This pretty South American passionflower blooms in violet purple. Its imposing corona, formed by a dense series of curled and, in the evening, retroflexed filaments, draws the eye of even the most distracted passer-by. The delicate scent of its flowers is also noticeable. It, therefore, possesses all those qualities needed to consider a plant interesting and pleasant.

It is a lively but discreet climber, adapting itself to the available space while growing. It is undemanding, presenting few exposure-, light- or soil-related problems; moreover, it will flower with even minimal attention paid to it. Reproduction is easy both from seed and from cuttings.

It has thin, slightly angled, reddish stems, which can reach a length of about 3 metres.

The leaves, of a pleasant intense green, are whole, with a pointed apex and densely serrated edges. Its name originates from this peculiarity.

The aristate sepals and petals, hidden by the corona of filaments, are barely visible. They are light violet in colour and thus contrast nicely with that of the filaments, resulting in a whole flower rich in shades and aesthetically appealing shapes. It also reaches a decent size, with the flower exceeding 6 cm in diameter.

P. serratifolia can be satisfactorily grown in an 18/20 cm pot and blooms in the summer season.

Personally, I prefer to give it space by leaning it against a fence, to allow it to grow and flourish freely. In autumn, I can thus retrieve the pot, trim the shoots and shelter the plant in a bright, warm place.

Satisfaction is guaranteed: this passionflower enchants with the extraordinarily graceful elegance of its flowers.